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Healy - The Essential Elements of a Government Contractor’s Accounting System

Wed 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Topic: Government Contracting

This introductory webinar is for individuals/organizations who are new to government contract accounting, those already pursuing government contracts and those that may need a non-accounting perspective refresher.

When contracting with Federal, State and Local government, government accounting is often underemphasized and even worse, misunderstood. Proper government accounting applies to and is essential for every government contract no matter the type or size. This webinar is applicable to Federal, State and Local Government Contracting. The cornerstone of this webinar will be the cost concepts, principles and policies & procedures found in Federal Contracting, e.g., FAR Part 31; however, these concepts, principles and policies & procedures can and should be applied to both State & Local Government Contracts.

This webinar will cover and educate you in:

  • What a Chart of Accounts is, its essential elements and its/their importance

  • What a Standard Form (SF) 1408 is and how to apply it to your accounting system

  • Concepts, principles, and policies & procedures

  • Terminology & Acronyms

This webinar will provide a top-level review of the essential elements of a Government Contractor’s Accounting System including what they are, why they are important and how to implement them.

Please Note: This webinar will stop short of addressing the adequacy/acceptability/compliance/approval of a Contractor’s Accounting System, e.g., per DCAA. This webinar will focus on the fundamentals & building blocks/components of your accounting system.

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Please do not register for the webinar using your new email address until you have informed us of the new email address and we have updated your record.

Thank you!

Speaker(s): Tim Healy, Procurement Advisor, University of Houston PTAC

Fee: No Cost