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Ramaswamy: Identifying Who Buys Your Goods and Services in the Federal Government

Thu 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Topic: Government Contracting

The Federal Government spends over $550+B annually and there may be an opportunity for you to sell your goods and/or services to the Federal Government. The Federal Government marketplace is vast and highly competitive. You need to first know how to locate your market for your Goods and/or Services.

The focus of this webinar is to provide a hands-on review of and how to use to locate and define the Federal Government markets. In addition, the webinar will provide guidance on what is necessary to prepare your Company prior to Marketing, understanding the different Federal Government Procurement Methods, Contract Types, Award Methodologies, and available tools for conducting Marketing Studies.

This webinar will serve as the foundation for developing your short- and long-term marketing plan in preparation for marketing your goods and/or services to government agencies and representatives. Every attendee will receive a copy of our Government Marketing Strategy Guide after the webinar.

The objective is to teach you how to use to identify your Federal Government Market and how to use the data to develop your Marketing plan.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

• Use various search criteria to locate past contract awards.

• Understand Data Fields.

• Download summary listing of contract awards into Excel spreadsheet.

• Edit the Spreadsheet.

• Review Data relevant to your Product and/or Service Categories.

• Locate key Contract Awards to conduct further research.

• Locate Awardees for teaming as Prime and Subcontractor.

• Locate Agencies you are interested in, the awarded the Contract information, and relevant Contacts to start building relationship and marketing.

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If you have a new email address, please let us know and we will update your record with us.

Please do not register for the webinar using your new email address until you have informed us of the new email address and we have updated your record.

Thank you!

Speaker(s): Ram Ramaswamy, Procurement Advisor, University of Houston PTAC

Fee: No Cost